Almighty Jehovah God my heart is in dismay, my thoughts wild and array, my head bowed in shame and at the same time in honor of your presence.
My eyes though dry I can feel a tear drop burning down my left cheek, it’s lava hot sensation meanders straight to my chin. My hands cupped on mines face. Mind seeking nothing but your understanding, blessings and grace.

Breathe flowing through my nostrils and blood making its way perfect as per your design, a sensation deeply rooted with the joy of life bestowed upon me by the holy Trinity. Courage felt for an angel stands guard and steps on every footstep before I do, spine vibrating like a drilling machine as skin craws and yearns for stability.

The self loathe that’s in us which we in turn inflict on others as hurt so as to quench our despair but the pain still persists like a windy raging bush fire in a dry meadow, my toungue lacking taste of this here moment given it’s morbidly words seem too thick.

Disgusted by my ways and seeking your righteous path, you are not just the giver of life but life in itself Abba farther. The author of our destinies and no matter what, why, where, how or who we are Lord you are in our midst, regardless of our choices, indecisiveness, believes and options we are all bond by the Holy Trinity.

I for one have spent time in search of worldly pleasure which has time and again elevated my pressure, battling or rather ignoring the fact that knowing you is the true treasure

© Feb 2020 Sir. George Githunguri