Song: tuturagio by sir james
Piece Credits to Sharon

We ought to release those demons that hold us hostage.
Fighting against self dilution of humanity because of our past experience.
 Focused on being a light that illuminates others dark paths.
   I thrive because I have learnt not to let burdens weigh me down.
  My past is but a stepping stone for what’s to come and peace of mind is the drive that’s got me going.
   Riddled with mounts of insecurities oozing of faults,  regrets and universal questions.
   Previously broken though opting to mend what’s left and not recollect the pieces.
   But worry has never got me anywhere I hold my head up high and choose to not drag my emotions into every situation.
  On a different journey than most a person and not limited to being a statistic.
    Life’s gift  is just amazing and overwhelming power just run through us.
    Born for a grand purpose and not to die of depression and be used as a case study
So far nothing but I got a good vibe that it will be something.
  I easily get inspired and I aspire to always see the good in every aspect of life.

Sir. George Githunguri ™

© 2020