Part 1

Innovation/inventions have been mostly just a thought shared or implemented and over time upgraded to improve people’s, animals or rather earthly lives and day today living.

Most don’t like to share if they can’t implement since they fear not cashing in on it, having to buy your own idea and didn’t earn from it, not wanting to help others, thinking that the idea already exists, negative energy around you where people don’t believe in you or even just plainly brushing it off.

The joy of having a great thought supercede a surprise party though it’s dampened by the discovery that it actually exists and even a better version has been around for a while, the thrill fizzles out like a soda whose lost its bubbles after it was left open for a long time.

Needless to say we never fail to think of more or how we can improve what we put our sight on, the dragging thought of our previous fails are the very battles we ought to stop fighting and focus on making things work.
  At times we ponder on what we can invent so as to stop kissing ass at our jobs and make such great impact that our lives change, we cannot all be wealthy given the balance of life would be in snippets  but that doesn’t stop our drive towards the goals we’ve set.

I digress

Though since it’s not my topic of discussion today, Am here to share and idea that’s bold and worthwhile. Tech is changing and this time round mines easy and not complex at all, it but a mere addition to the tech world , embracing AI (Artificial intelligence) and its but a mere addition to the tech would and upgrade in a way but newish.

    I view or rather eye view is just a simple thought that I coin the word from the phrase 3rd eye, to break it down to you the idea is this simple ; a camera has been in existence for a long time and greatly improved, in comes my contribution to it.

A strip that runs around the frames of the whole house blending in with the house design but standing out since it has eye shaped cameras which have the ability to move along the strip, following an individual who it’s locked into as long as the person it’s targeted on is inside the house.

The strip like those small snake lights in clubs have partition whereby the can switch lanes so as to allow another camera to pass if following in on a locked target, also with the ability to allow another camera which is not in use to lock on a target if another camera has lost its target.

The idea is to have 20+ small eyed cameras surveil the ongoings  of a specific place and keep track of one individual at a time, the focus solely being on a human being and not glitching upon spotting an insect or animal.

The cameras gliding smoothly across the strip with the ability to automatically zoom in and out and even record sound, the challenges sure do presents themselves as a person’s movement might be way to fast for the eye/I to glide/move from one corner to the other or in the case where rooms are on the opposite sides?

That’s where the numbers come into play here and a time out on the primary eye/I hands over the target to the nearest eye/I which is detected automatically via the system which scans in seconds which eye/I is in close proximity.

Sir. George Githunguri

© April 2020