Hang Out Turns Sensual

Kicking it and chilling with the guys trash talking as we compete in a game of FIFA, soft palms blind me from behind flinging myself forward as the force pulled me back and the back of my head rests on firm breasts which lowers my guard.

My senses are now on high alert as we are in quarantine mode and last time I checked we were all dudes and none of us owned what my head rested on and could feel, a sweet scent never known to me before flooded my nostrils and I was at a daze though never came into contact with chloroform before I could swear it wasn’t it but this sensation got me almost knocked out.

The warmth of her bosom and hands felt almost familiar though the current situation got me at a loss,”guess who” she says with a certain tremor that feels off key as if ment to hide her true vocal pitch.

I lay back and her tenacitiousness still is as it was when the suspense was turned on, with my head laid back on the couch I open my mouth to answer but her reflexes prove way to steadfast and quick since her lips are now attached to mine in a deep passionate spiderman kiss which sends me into a bit of confusion but am not complaining.

My eyes are still shut as she catwalks around the couch and hops on my lap like a jockey on a horse and our gaze meet, our eyes deeply locked like a secure bank vault, seems to be smiling at each other and for seconds we are just staring at each other without uttering a word.

As am about to break the ice her finger covers my lips and she turns her head back swaying her hair and says hi to the guys who in return retorts an answer in response staring at us as if they have a follow-up which they brush off since they are sure an answer will not be forthcoming.

My blood seems to be ululating as if theirs a kikuyu welcome committee waiting to receive the bride, twirls her hair holding it back with a band and back to mines gaze and the staring contest commences.

“Missed you” she says with a shinning wide smile showcasing her pearly whites, I’m baffled and can’t seem to contract a sentence which she notices and replies to her own statement ‘I can also see you’ve been misserable and clearly my presence and lack thereof is felt in here” ” it’s not time for that silly you” she retorts as my harden situation pokes her thighs.

Arching her back as if a crawling insects landed on it and she wants to do away with it; Her chest brushing on mine her left hand holding my neck her lips lining in for another round of french salivatious exchange.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Mar 2020