They sailed away and a wreckage was reported.
A stormy sea
Gashing winds
The captains grrr was all it took to convince Morgan.
Hip hip hooray captain and a salute best described by the clinging bottles.

Back and forth the ocean waves spew it’s saltiness
Bleakly awaiting for the shore to gift me back what’s lost.
A message in a bottle of their last adventure.
A sign of life that says no regrets

Instead I settle for a fine damsel.
Whose brunette winding hair flows like the waves.
Her figure a dream to a success story and her face a star to a dark night.
Always drowning her sorrows in liquor.
Like the open seas swallowing a ship whole.
Her 8-5 savouring every last drop.

Yearning for a kiss of life, calling me her life guard.
Daily She wages a battle with the spirits
Am her lifeline set to pull her back before her final pulse.
Intoxicating beauty of her love for such fine brews.

Sir. George Githunguri

© May 2020