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Hollow is the deep thought of the true world that flayers in our minds & heart.

I have been hurt but I do know how to sure cope, drowned in motivational quotes.

A journey of self discovery, editing each and everything to mascaraed our said image.

The current millennial generation to self involved to notice others pain, only concerned with their own gain & more likes.

So wanting is mines desire that nothing else seems to matter, every morning craving for a smoother life than butter.

Languish will I solely in the eternal burning hell flames or is an angel awaiting to cocoon me with wings so soft than a clouds hug.

Dug is my grave of happiness for I seem to be burying it with worldly desires, letting our world be guided by the context of the comments.

The thing about rumours they lack remorse and room for us to share in it, but we to quick to hit the share/retweet button.

We’ve been working hard of late or is it hardly working?

Sir. George Githunguri

© Dec 2016