To redefine a person is to know their
true nurture as opposed to their nature,
we easily forget or
compress the memories of where
we came from in search
of westernization.

    Kenya as a flag is what we
are redefining but in the context
of we the people that bare the
colors stripped up on the much
respected symbol of this here
BLACK:- To put it lightly we are
to believe that it's we the people,
the color skinned not only on
the outwards but rooted deep down
in ours culture. A point to note
is that my views are based
on interactions, upbringing, knowledge
, education, visualisation (given
that people watching is a hobby),
the 3 meal course
feed by the media and life in general.
They say ones race is never
a choice you'd make in matters
birth, as to the reason marriages
of late are interracial to spice
up the color.
  What does black as a color
mean to you?
  Is it the darkness of the night?
A feeling so overwhelming? The
burnt meal that's left out too long?
A visualisation of the past or
future? The will to step up?
The mirrored image you see?
Beauty that cracks not? The
pen that's inked on paper? A
depressed soul? A room thats
cocooned in misery?
   Whichever the case mentioned
or not the simplicity in what
we believe it to be is but patriotism
, oneness, bold, beauty, bravery,
great sportsmanship and ofcourse
we the people.
WHITE:- This is a reflection of what 
we term as peace
  " Where there's war there's peace
and where there's peace there's war"
as they say
  What would prompt a soul to
end another's life? Leave one in
misery for materialistic gains?
Lie out of spite? Accuse an
soul and deny them freedom
by paying or collecting a bride?
Enter into
union/allyship with
someone or a country just to back
stab them when
they are in need of you?
Pretend not to care and hurt
someones feelings just because
you don't
want to showcase you vulnerabilities?
   As a color it's what that
comes after
the black or rather darkness, it's
the light that illuminates to
further disperse the darkness
and enable us to see things
clearly. We've all been or are
in darkness and light came/ will
come to mend us in one way or
the other, but as we focus on its
positive aspect we can't forget
that too much of something
begets poison. We need the darkness to
balance the light as we a
people require each other's input to
bring forth a grand output. The
color also symbolises defeat or
rather surrender, to wave a white
flag which alerts your opponent
that you have conceded.
   Race has it that whites are
superior and way  more intelligent
than the other color races. ( It's
but a mere mention so I won't get
into a debate with myself or you
the reader on that, feel free to
debate it out if you wish to do
so). Many a race
and in this case  people have been
over the years working to
perfect themselves and mostly their skin
tone to best depict who they
feel they are or would rather be as
opposed to what they were born
, white being the major skin 
lightening procedure most go far
(bless their hearts for in battles
even with yourself a white flag will
be waved eventually).
   Peace is what is ment to be shown
by the color as is the case on
ours flag and a uniting factor as
a people towards dialogue and
not violence.
RED: - Bright is this color that 
alot in meaning since other
than it being we the people it is
what we hold inside us, the liquid that's
pumped by ours hearts to all sections of
our body as a whole.
   To live is to shun death I say,
but it's hard
to live than to die
given the Constance threats to life
, other than diseases, war,
natural forces, nature itself,
animal attacks, gravitating objects
, poison, illness,
mental attacks such as stress
and depression, accidents, clearly
the list is endless. All this a trigger
aimed at the threat of life
   Blood is what comes to mind when
you think of something red,
this being one on the significant
thing among
many that we humans as a race and
also animals have in common.
  Instinctively when you ponder on
the reason for it to be on the flag
you get a combination of humanity baring
the battle scars and losses as
a pool of blood drains of them
in stance of their believes ..
  To avoid unnecessary spillage of
this vital fluid we learn that
our indifferences are a way to
emerse ourselves into different
races, culture, religion,
education system, history,
idiology  and way of life
to bridge the divide ( don't
misquote me on the Building
Bridges Initiate)
   This also is a symbolic gesture
way dawned on us as a people
steaming with anger given the leadership
we are currently accustomed to,
a lot of backlash is in the air
due to the government inability
to tackle issues that daily hinder progress
which is a result has rendered
the country in chaos.
(this speaks for itself so I will
not add anything not deduct)
   The color as it stands given
the lessons we've learned and
what holds water is blood from
our freedom fighters, they went
out of their way to end their own
lives as one for us to take a step
of freedom to where we walk on
today. Not so many are even willing
to loose a sweat or even to
donate blood let alone loose
their lives as such, we are honored
to have had such men and women in
ours existence.
WHITE:- it appears quite a number 
of times and clearly its
meaning differs and there are
quite a few way to look at it.
   Yielding has never had a
different color nor a better
one but our country is full of
leaders who've mastered the art
of what we call *the white lie"
It so seems that when you are
outside the arm of the government
one easily condemns the action
or inaction of the elected
officials, but the tables turn
when you are sitting at the other
side and are one with the band
tuning the music to your liking.
   The term white lie is basically
a harmless lie told to others
to avoid hurting their feelings,
this for so long has not been the
case since it has been used to
enrich a few, further corrupt
dealings, skimp on services,
sabotage the economy, devalue
our stance, tarnish our hard work
and names, attack each other,
fuel the blazing tribal rivalry,
bring about divide, rewrite the
truth, legitimatize lies and
slowly sink in the country to debts
of depression.
  Greed over need has been
the epicenter of the leadership
wragles that spend way to much
time utilizing it's offices and
the country resources to spew
hate, pocket more, fund less,
shift blame, talk of changing
the status quo if it doesn't
work for them, claim victimization
, lobby for tribalism ( actually
forget about it, I seem to be getting
a headache just thinking of this
endless cacophony thats constantly aired
for their benefit.. acha
nskize gengeton kidogo)
GREEN:- I'd like to think of it 
as growth, productivity,
production, plantation and a price
paid after a long day of
toiling endlessly.Its a color
that shows we are headed
somewhere and as far as
the traffic lights are concerned
let's keep going, we are on the
move experiencing the exquisite
love and freshness of mother
nature. Our eyes closed as the
winds blow calmly in ours face,
the hills and mountains standing
strong and bold, the clear streams
and wild rivers rushing and
meandering the landscapes like
they supposed too.
   Wild animals running freely and
attracting tourist, domesticated
ones providing us with a daily dose
of healthy nutrition, birds chirping
as trees rise up high, insects
crawling as bats sleep awaiting to
roam the nights.
   Green is our land but green we
are chocking for a coin or two, this
is not what nobel laureate
Prof. Wangari Maathai stood for,
though we have good intentioned
people who I salute for taking
the initiative to further the
nature growth without demanding
   You wouldn't piss on the same
table you eat on would you? Not
every end result boils down to
money even though termed as green
given the dollar color.
   What are the positives that
are green in us our lives, our
own doing that fight the
unnecessary negative green
creeping like mould to suffocate
the nation's good. The reminder
of a greater past and a more
brighter future that fosters a
viable life and wellness if we
are willing to drop the "I" in
illness and replace it with "we"
  It's quite a color to have on
the flag fly up high in talks
with mother nature to keep blowing
it side ways propelling us to move
and be on the move. Green stands
for nature & nurture  up there
and your surroundings and
upbringing tells it all.

THE SHIELD :- it's quite 
interesting that one symbol on
this flag
covers the middle, touches every
color and uses all the colors
other than green.
Why not green? Why so much white?
Why not just encompass the shield
with all colors?
   Let's take a look at the colors
on the shield (Red, Black and white)
We've already dissected there
meanings through the pain, the joy,
the misery, the love, the freedom
and your very own definition or
stand on what they truly mean to
   A shield is defined as A broad
piece of metal or another
suitable material, held by straps
or a handle attached on one side,
used as a protection against blows
or missiles.
A parent will shield their child
from any and all danger, so
it represents greatly protection
and safety against any foreign
or domestic attack to or against
the country and it's people.
  Greatly used during the wars
and perfected as times go by,
I believe its on the flag as a
symbol of how we should live
amongst each other, co habitats
of this here nation should thrive
and stand for the truth and not
contort lies to best befit
their agenda.
   The shield does have two arrows
that are visible from both
ended forming an X which I
guess stands for no war and
championing for peace,  but in
case of war they serve as weapons
ready to attack. The reason
why the shield comes first is for
sole protection and as far as the
first aid rules you must be clear
of all danger before helping someone
, protect yourself before you
can protect the nation. The
shields color from the inside
depict peace in white, blood in
red and black as we the people,
clearly we need to be a peaceful
nation before we suffer greatly
the loose of our people.
  From the outside simply us a
people we should protect each
other so as not to loose who we
are and Foster peace always, as
a result the arrows are in white
whose empathizes are towards
peace though greatly used as
white lies of attack am sure we
realise why they are at the back
and not at the fore front.

Sir. George Githunguri ™