In conclusion though it never ends
Needless to say, but forget to place a full stop for what’s said after indeed needed not be said
This comes from a a place of love, why does it have to be accompanied by a hateful or rather bitter words
Let me not lie to you, hold on ” so I’ve been receiving half truths all along?”
Since you you started it you’ve forced my hand, just relax and let it end there
I just want to quickly point out that…, well well well someone is social distancing themselves just Incase it backfires
No offense but… A spew of offenses ensue
I don’t know if I we’re you I’d.. well we differ and so does our approach
Let me be upfront with you, clarity is a great way to make things easier I must say
Wether on or off the record did somethings have to be said?
I had a dream that you and I… Am sure most of it is purely thought out not dreamt
Don’t take this the wrong way but.. which other way should one take it?
Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s already beat and the outcome is but a few words away
Slow your roll you have your whole life ahead of you, substituted to you have a few good yeaes
Listen I don’t know how say this but… here goes nothing
Personally I don’t know how you do what you.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jun 2020

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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