What will haul me in more following?
Should I filter or does my camera do the trick?
Should I turn on the comment section or off it for this?
But the true question that doesn’t ring ” is this appropriate, for what if it was me?”
Crippled humanity sunken way down without morals
Inability to fathom that life’s a gamble and we are all a dice/deck away from death
Clearly health is wealth, but the latter doesn’t always conform to the former
Sheer outrage reduced to an obstinate action

Now a hanging man noose, but it’s from a decision they had to choose
Whether from lack, depression, aggression, failure or whatever the case
Left in search of the reasons behind it all
Nothing in writing to explain the leap to such an outcome
Might have felt like an outcast, bottling in alot that they couldn’t let go
The flickering light deep down inside them against stormy unwavering winds or the world
A stand off between their reality and immense expectations
How does one result to Tie and Die?
Why does fear overpower faith?
Happy ain’t always as such , check on your friends/family

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jul 2020

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity


Wow – this was the first place I visited when you started following me since it was the first link in that email we get that says we have another person happy with our work.

I was taken aback but then saw in the picture the irony of our current way of life. We may not lynch with a rope these days (or at least it is rare) but have taken to assassination by words. Trolls lurk in the forest of words and they bite our souls. Thank you for this piece of recognition that it takes strength even in this day of many comforts (such as running water, electricity, and communication)

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