Some be out here judging people as if they are the creator, jumping from one person to the next just because this one is to short, tall, dark, not pretty enough; forgetting that no one asked to be born in such a way.

If someone doesn’t meet your standards that doesn’t mean you fit everyone’s standards, some tolerate each other because it’s the humane thing to do… We are first human before we are flawed; the perfection we seek resides in our heads and the overwhelming hate is because we also lack

   The most important thing in this life least we forget is life and since we are still alive then all is but an addition , to me the battle shouldn’t to overthinking and work towards materialistic enrichment rather ask and hope to answer one question.

What’s my purpose in life ?

A thousand die on a daily, more are born and yet we feel like life owes us something, we are so self entitled that we feel we deserve more than what’s served .

Infact we feel like all should be a buffet in life and we should be allowed to self serve ourselves; a plate full of wealth, a scope of health, a side of mouth watering looks, a topping of sizzling perfect body, a touch of great friends, a beverage of the realest quality spouse, some dessert full of information on every topic, some fruits of security and many more to over flow our plates.

  More questions time and this are questions which some we don’t bother working on even if we have the answers, we prefer things to happen miraculously with

   No work down

  We don’t defer from a khat user since we are dreamers also though theirs more product enhanced.

If world Peace was an option would you be for it?

Yet you quarrel with your neighbor, you’re the source of your co-workers, friends or communities troubles just because you want what they have and since you can’t attain their levels you choose to stir up something.

  Where there’s war there’s peace they say and vice versa is the truth

If you had three wishes what would they be?

   Would you be satatisfied with the outcome and choice down the line or would you justify it by saying I was stupid then and am now mature, or is it a time thing where we have to enjoy life and utilise what’s at out disposal for tomorrow is not promised our with the old in with the new scenario.

  We are all wired differently though to all we have a few things in common:

Life : we are all alive and not because of our own choosing or strength, my former deputy (Mr. Nderitu) ones said ” as long as you are the sperm that made it out of millions then you are a winner”

A lot of sense from a simple sentence which makes you wonder what if ?

Major transformations are happening all around us and the world will never stop for you to be successful, as I write this I can feel mines skin tightening and embracing my skull, my face cringing and my brain overthinking.

   Yes we all live in our heads mostly, making up scenarios that will never happen or take place in a different manner. We pray for miracles and wish that we would or could help people, yet not many take a step back to ask whether the people in question really find what you see as weakness that needs your help.

   Some are contented and happy with their ways of life and don’t view it as a call for help, we are are brought up different and since most not well travelled we tend to think that our way of life is the best and only way of life.

   Ones we open up to the world the confusion sets in because we want to be accepted by everyone and want to prove that we are not backwards, overwhelmed when a different race recognises you culture, way of life, language, cuisine or even origin/history.

   Life is beautiful and can get ugly when negativity clouds our judgement, though not everything about life is positive since loss it the balancing equation all way round.

 How everything starts it not necessarily how it ends, the end product to each and everything is not how it started and if there was a production process, “the last time I saw you; you were this tall, this small, this age, at this level, etc ” the statement reflects growth and yes a successful process attained and more to come.

Just to get of topic a bit: some of us are great fans of celebrities , shows, public figures, athletes, politicians among other personalities, the twist being we feel that we are their greatest supporters and that if we were to meet on the streets we’d expect them to know us in the same way we know them or even recognize.

To be continued…

Sir. George Githunguri

© Feb 2017

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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