Who we are is not what others perceive as to be – in the end we try to prove ourselves with so much worry.
  Our actions or rather inactions are consequential wether positive or negative – in the end no matter who we are we strive to be holy.
  Success is what we are working towards though we differ in what we after, but the goal is the same a good life – in the end most are seeking glory
  Wrong is wrong even when everyone is doing it, pride gets in our way and blinds us showcasing it’s rage let it not bind us- in the end we just need to learn to say sorry.
A grateful person emits joy the inner happiness that lightens the souls glow, they be no doubt they poses peace – in the end they are always Jolly
  We make friends who will be present for every event in ours life and hold us down when we need to be anchored – in the end the eulogy will read Hers or His story.

© Apr 2020 Sir. George Githunguri